Saturday, November 22, 2014



This is the United States of America, the greatest nation on earth – as long as we honor God and thank Him for the blessings that we have received. We welcome immigrants into our land because we are a nation of immigrants, but we don’t, or at least should not, allow immigrants to reconstruct, redesign, or change the things upon which this nation was founded. Recently, because of an outcry from some immigrants of another faith a school decided to remove the word Christmas from their calendar because the word were offensive. I don’t want to be offensive but this nation has celebrated Christmas since its founding, and it is as much a part of our fabric as the Bible itself, or even the constitution.  I am all for being fair, being considerate, and opening our doors to legal immigrants, and even to some that were drug here and have no place to go, but do not, come into this country and attempt to remake, redesign, redirect who we are as a country. We as Christians have the responsibility to be compassionate and caring to all people, to the weak and the strong, to the orphan and the widow, to the foreigner and to our own family. Jesus said, “When you have done it unto the least of these you have done it unto Me,” but doing unto the least of these does not mean allowing the “least of these” whether immigrant or indigent, whether Hispanic or Hindu, to butcher what we believe, and obliterate what we stand for in this nation. Bring the masses, invite the stranded, open the doors to those that have been alienated from their countries, but make sure they are processed legally, not smuggled in through open doors in our borders and that they know that we are not inviting them to establish a new law, a new rule, or to carve out a nation within a nation based on the laws of their abandoned home or origin. So say, “Merry Christmas” my friends, and do not be intimidated. This is the United States of America and Christmas is not just a phrase, it is a concept, a principle, a reality to us that is ingrained in our spirits and in our history. And don’t let anyone rob you of what belongs to you, belongs to this nation, without a fight. Pardon my ungodly passion, but I am so sick of this nation allowing a handful of disgruntled people to pass and push legislation and laws that totally disregard who we are completely. There is no doubt that there are some who plan on infiltrating our nation with a hope of “getting the numbers” so that they can destroy us, but you and I are not going to sit idly by and let them do it.



So again I say, “Speak up, sound it out, make it heard, “Merry Christmas to all!”

Play Your Position on the Team When I played basketball in high school my wonderful coach that I loved dearly would tell me, “Now Mitch, whatever you do, don’t shoot.” Later on he changed his approach but in the early days of my playing I had one primary responsibility and that was to get rebounds. I was good at that and that was a contribution to the success of the team. I may have wanted to be the high scoring guard but I could not shoot as well as he could shoot, so I accepted my role as a “team player” so that the team could be successful. God equips us and He calls us up when He is ready for us to use skills given to us, sometimes recognizable skills, and sometimes skills that just happen to fit a need in kingdom work. He is the coach and He determines when and how, not us. If I am playing for me then I can play separate from the team, my own deal, to get my name in the paper, but if I am playing for Him I am not playing for me, and whether I get my name in the paper is irrelevant. Listening to the coach made me a better player but mostly a better “team player.” My prayer is that all of us will be team players, playing for Him, playing for the success of the kingdom. There is nothing like the team spirit that God is building in Crosspath! Are you playing your position, doing what you can do, giving what you can give, to help the team? If not, consider playing for the Coach!