Saturday, August 23, 2014



Church Wide Opportunities Our church has clearly adopted a couple of phrases that best describe who we are becoming for Christ. The first is:

        “Astoundingly Unusual Followers of Jesus Christ.”

What this means is that “business as usual” will not get the job done for Christ. The early New Testament believers were recognized for being different, for radical living in the name of Christ, and for translating that radical living into demonstrations of love that magnified the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. The second phrase that we like is: “The church has left the building.” This phrase means the world that needs Jesus Christ, the East Ridge world does not even know we exist if all we do is gather in the building. Thus we go out on Sunday evenings, leave the building, to do “Life Projects,” projects that bring the life of Christ to our community and projects that also give our church life, make it look like we are a living church and not just red brick. Today at 4pm we have two Life Projects. We will work at the High School Football field and we will also move mulch at the East Ridge Elementary School. Take your pick. If you can move you can serve. If you can walk you can work. We will have meetings after the AM service to organize. Again, this is our third Sunday evening church-wide Life Project. Join us, live for Christ, infuse life into our church.

  Kingdom Steps Our exciting fall semester of Crosspath path groups begins August 27, at 6:30pm. The ladies will study Beth Moore’s, Children of the Day from 1 and 2 Thessalonians. The men will study a Tony Evans video-based study of the names of God. We will also have Grief Share and Divorce Care as well as prayer meeting. Remember our goal with Kingdom Steps. It is to intentionally and deliberately take steps to grow in our knowledge, understanding and participation in kingdom living. Invite others, promote it in Sunday School, and show up to be blessed.

 God’s Not Dead Next Sunday evening we will have the special opportunity to watch the movie God’s Not Dead.  Many have seen the movie but hundreds, maybe thousands, have not seen it, and even if you have seen it, you need to see it again. In a day when Christianity is being challenged like never before and the academic/secular world wants to live as if God is dead, we know that He is alive. Invite your friends and relatives to this experience. It will begin at 5pm. Don’t miss it! I promise you will be blessed.

  Connecting with People The last couple of weeks we have watched a video in Prayer Meeting about connecting with people. John Maxwell suggested three keys: (1) If you want to connect you have to be about others and not yourself. The example is the Great Connector, Jesus Christ. He lived His life for others and that is our example. (2) If you want to connect you have to put energy into connecting. Take deliberate intentional steps even if it costs you personally to connect with people. (3) If you want to connect you must find common ground. The world does not think we can “speak their language.” We have to find ways to communicate, to talk with our neighbors, even strangers for the sake of the gospel. Let’s encourage each other to begin connecting with people regularly. It is our calling and it is clearly the example we have been given by our Master. Crosspath is working to connect as a church but each of us individually is called to be a missionary. Let’s be the missionary this week and let God use us to connect with those that need Him, those that need a friend. Maxwell ended the video by saying “we find common ground” to raise them to higher ground. We often want them to get on higher ground before we connect. That is not the gospel way, and not the way of the cross. Connect!