Friday, September 19, 2014



  OLPOutreach Leadership Project is a tool designed to help us do what God has called us to do. He has called us to love our community and we are doing that very well, progressing in our efforts, becoming astoundingly unusual in our efforts, but there are two other significant parts to our mission statement. We want to minister to our community, let them know that we are here in Jesus’ name, but we also want to focus on growth, growth spiritually and growth numerically. Our calling is to care, to love, but it is also to proclaim, to reach out, to build relationships with people, not for our sake, but for His sake, and their sake.

 OLPOutreach Leadership Project involves a commitment by our Staff, our Elders, all Small Group Leaders, and hopefully all Small Group members to do the following: 

 1. Participate as an active member of an OLP team that will make sure that every person that darkens the door of our church has the opportunity to meet someone personally at their front door. We want to be a church that values the one, values all people, especially those that take the time to be our guests at Crosspath.

  2. Practice inviting people to join you in connecting at Crosspath in a Small Group, Worship, a Wednesday evening meal, or a ministry project. The number one way to get people to connect at Crosspath is to invite them to come.

  3. Pursue opportunities for genuine friendship outside your normal circle of living, travel and work. This means we have to stretch ourselves, risk something, break away from our regular groups, even family at times, for the sake of the Gospel. This takes discipline and a deliberate effort.

  4. Pray for your church, Staff, and Small Group leaders as they lead our church to make every person count, to make every person in East Ridge important. Crosspath has been strategically placed in this place at this time for God’s purpose.

  5. Persevere. Even though we are doing what God has called us to do, and even though He supplies the power and the perserverence for us to do what He has called, it is on us to persevere, to keep on keeping on, to refuse to quit no matter what. We must undergird OLP with prayer, but the prayer for us to persevere is essential.

 6. Permeate. “The aroma of the soup permeated the air.” What does that mean? It means that the good smell of the soup affected everything in a positive way. We want to smell good to God. We want there to be an aroma of Christ-likeness, an aroma of love, that permeates our church and our community, a different smell to rise to the heavens because we are astoundingly different, committed to ministry, but also committed to growing spiritually and numerically.

 7. Partner. A partnership is essential to our success as a church, a partnership with God, but cooperation is also essential. The future of this great church is, in your hands, and my hands. It is the grandest of opportunities, the most wonderful of gifts. The question is “will we do our part?”


   God is at work in Crosspath through each of us to accomplish His will. Make sure you are on an OLP team – and make sure you read over again what it involves. You are a wonderful people and I am blessed to be your pastor.