Monday, September 01, 2014



Remember We are Crosspath at East Ridge and we want to be “Astoundingly Unusual Followers of Jesus Christ.” To be Astoundingly Unusual Followers of Jesus Christ we have “to leave the building.” Far too many churches today think that all there is to following Jesus is gathering in the building, but we are drastically, by choice, different at Crosspath. We are on a journey towards becoming what Christ wants us to become as His body. We are not there, never will be there completely, but we are beginning to see more evidence of change in our church’s passion and purpose. Our journey involves Life Projects, and Life Projects involves a Sunday evening experience that is far from traditional. We have moved from 6 Months to Life to Life Projects and our Sunday evening schedule is as follows:

  First Sunday Evening On the first Sunday evening in each month we will be involved in Small Group Projects. I want to encourage Small Group Project leaders to find projects for your small group. They don’t have to be gigantic things, even small things like a cup of water in Jesus name make a monumental difference. Involve all of your group in ministry in the East Ridge community. Ask other small groups what they have done, be creative and do things to honor the Lord and He will honor you. Let me encourage you again to let the office know what you are doing and take pictures. We want to post new pictures.

  Second Sunday The second Sunday in the month will be Children and Youth Block Party at the park across the street. We will serve hotdogs and drinks and have blow-ups and games. Everyone is invited to meet and greet and build relationships with so many that are in the park.

  Third Sunday On the third Sunday we will have a church wide event feeding hungry families and working in our community. We are excited for the opportunity to help our schools on the church-wide night, East Ridge High, Spring Creek Elementary and East Ridge Elementary. We are also excited about being involved in our community in other “large” ways.

  Fourth Sunday On the fourth Sunday evening each month we will have a special worship event or a community activity or event.

On September 28th we will have Jericho Brass in our worship center sharing their musical gifts with us and our community. Begin now to invite friends to join us for this event.

  Fifth Sunday The fifth Sunday is set aside as a family and friends evening and there are no activities at Crosspath. We are leaving the building to become “Astoundingly Unusual Followers of Jesus Christ.” It is exciting to think about what God is doing. Plug in, get involved, give it all to Jesus, live for His honor.

  OLPSay the letters OLP. Say it again, “OLP.” What is OLP? It could be the Catholic Church on Moore Road, but it is not. OLP is Outreach Life Project. During the next 9 months our Small Groups will be leading us in OLP. Information will be given in Small Groups to make sure that everyone is familiar with OLP. Small Groups are building OLP teams immediately.

  We are beginning the process of looking for someone to lead our worship music on a permanent part-time basis and we are also looking for someone as an interim while we look. This Wednesday and next Sunday we will have a guest leader. Thanks for your prayers while are looking. We have had a great nine years and we want to continue.