Monday, February 08, 2016


     What can I say? Yesterday was truly a special blessing to us, to see so many friends, family members and fellow servants. I owe each of you a debt of gratitude for making the reception spectacular.  I want to thank Jamie and the Hospitality Team, and our staff for their hard work making everything “just right.” and I thank each of you for coming. I am overwhelmed even today that family members and friends came a great distance to help me celebrate 40 years of ministry and retirement from full-time service. I am especially grateful that my ninety-nine year old mother is in the service and made the trip. She was a major spiritual influence on me when I was a child, and she continues to be today, a spiritual influence in my life, and our whole family. If you ask her she will tell you that I am the best of her three children, even though two of them are also in the service. My brother and sister are here, and some other very special relatives that I love dearly. There is no way that I could put into words what this church means to me. It has been our life , the investment of our hearts, our strength, emotions, and even our money for eighteen years. We have gone through many transitions, an occasional bump or two, but the entire eighteen years has been to say the least “remarkable.” I want you to know that there is no good time for me to step down. I have wrestled with this decision for over two years and actually planned to retire last year but I put it off for a better time. As I said there is no good time.  I am doing what I feel the Lord wants. He has brought some things to pass that have given me a clear indication that I need to step aside and let someone else with a new vision, new energy, hair and brain, come in and lead this great church forward. I could not have been blessed any more than I have been blessed to be your pastor for eighteen years. We have seen so many miracles, so many answered prayers, so many lives changed in eighteen years. God has helped us reshape our approach to the world, as well as reshape our church structure so that we can do more of what He has called us to do; glorify His wonderful name through acts of love to our community. The church is led by five Elders focused on what is best for this church. Each of them has a personality, a personal agenda, a personal life, they even support different football teams, but when it comes to what is best for this church they are unified in mind and spirit. I want to encourage you to look to them for leadership. Lee Robbs is our very capable Elder Chair and he is available anytime to talk to you. We also have a great team of ministry partners, staff members, who have been helpful to me over the years. I am thankful for Delores Steele and her great kitchen crew for service and help. I am also thankful to a friend, our custodian, Robert Thompson. No pastor could last long without great office help, and I have had two of the best in Julie and Mary Jane. God has also blessed me with great ministry partners in the eighteen years I have been at Crosspath. I am thankful for all but especially the ones that have been here in the past ten years: Bill Doremus, Megan Honeycutt, and Betsy Robbs. Since my heart is made for worship I could not fail to mention the blessing my wonderful daughter Leslie and the worship team have been. They are spectacular and we have had the most unified worship in the past ten years that I have ever had in any church . God has done great things in this great church and certainly the staff has had a major role, but more importantly than the staff has been the precious number of dedicated servants that have served so faithfully, willingly, and lovingly during my time as pastor. You have made a miraculous difference in this church because everything you have done has been to please the lord. We almost have 100% of the people of Crosspath involved in ministry,and that is a miracle. We love you dearly, each and every one of you, and you will always and forever have a special place in our hearts.