Friday, August 29, 2014



Leslie has resigned her position as Worship Leader. I have had many remarkable experiences in ministry but one of the most remarkable has been working with Leslie for the last nine years. The very moment she began leading our worship there was a noticeable change in the whole atmosphere. There is no question that it was the leadership of the Holy Spirit, but that Spirit was working through Leslie to create harmony, love, unity, passion, commitment and a pursuit of excellence in everything we do in worship. Leslie is amazingly gifted musically but the greatest strength she has had in her leadership has been her passion to bring glory to the Lord, to make worship about Him and no one else. Leslie’s passion has always been to remain invisible, to make worship free of ego and performance, so that the focus would be on Christ and not on a personality or a talent. She has led all of us down new paths but she has done it in a way that always represented a passion to be pleasing to the Lord. Many people do not understand the demands of ministry, the call to be responsible Sunday after Sunday for enhancing worship, for creating an environment where people can meet God. The burden for a committed, dedicated worship leader is the same burden that pastors carry. You don’t just have to get up one Sunday and preach, you have to get up Sunday after Sunday and try to be fresh, try to do the best you can, for those that need the Lord, but most importantly for the Lord Himself. Leslie has carried that burden well for nine years with passion and commitment. She has worked tirelessly to create unity between the message and the music, and even though some don’t notice, she has done a remarkable work aligning spiritually the songs with the word that was preached. Note last Sunday; I preached a message about the battle between Jesus Christ and Satan himself over the souls of men and women and we sang about overcoming, about breaking the chains, about the power of God to deliver. She has challenged us, pushed us, and loved us as we have walked forward together. Leslie and I have worked together for nine years and there has not been one moment of disagreement between us. She has done all she has while a mother of two, a wife, and worked a second job. Now she has three wonderful children. Her work has truly been a

gift from God to all of us. I could not have been more blessed and I think the choir, the musicians, the praise team, the sound team, and the people of Crosspath agree. Leslie, we thank you for your nine years of passionate service to our Lord as the Worship Leader at Crosspath at East Ridge. We love you very much.

  Brother Oscar is going homeBrother Oscar will be preaching this morning. He has felt that the Lord is leading him back to Equatorial Guinea to continue his ministry. He has prayed about this decision and talked with a number of people and is convinced he needs to go home. He will continue his education from home online. There is no doubt that God has blessed us with an eternal friend from Africa. He has endeared himself to all of us and we have grown to love him deeply. He has become a vital part of who we are at Crosspath and we will miss him greatly. Our prayers and thoughts will be with him continually. Oscar’s flight home is very expensive and we want to help with his flight. If you want to contribute to his flight, or if you have flyer miles you can give up, please do so. We have enjoyed connecting our hearts with Brother Oscar here at Crosspath, and now a part of us will be actively serving the Lord in the vastly different country of Equatorial Guinea. We will also look forward to a reunion with Brother Oscar here, in Guinea, or in heaven. God be with you Brother Oscar! Remember our love and prayers always!