Wednesday, April 23, 2014



Thousands of years ago Job asked the question,

                   “If a man dies, will he live again?”

 Today in 2014 humanity asks the same question often very loudly, sometimes quietly, and at times just subconsciously,

                    “If a man dies, will he live again?”

Can we live again, is there any possibility that a man could live again after dying? Really, is there life after death? Is there a great beyond? Is there a heaven? Even those that deny it ask. Today we provide a profound answer to Job’s question and the question asked by the masses, and that answer is an emphatic and exciting

                        “Yes! Yes, we can live again!”

Yes, there is life after death! Yes, there is a great beyond! Yes, there is a heaven! Jesus deals with the subject and provides the answer that is available to the whole world:

        “I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes

          in Me will live even if he dies, and everyone who

               lives and believes in Me will never die.”

The key is believing, believing in the Lord Jesus Christ who was crucified and buried, and who rose again on the third day to offer a living hope to the world. The key is entering into the empty tomb, accepting the invitation to peer in and then slowly and surely step in to see the truth. God has rolled the stone away so that you and I can come in and believe. It is my prayer that each one worshiping with us today has had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. If you have had that encounter, believed with your heart that Jesus was raised from the dead, and you are willing to confess it with your mouth, you have become an Easter person. An Easter person is one who has been transformed by the resurrection power of God to live life in a different way. Life becomes totally different! We gather today as Easter people, people born of eternal hope in Jesus Christ to celebrate our Savior, our Lord, who answered the deepest cry of our hearts through His death and resurrection. Jesus is alive, He is indeed alive.

Great Time of Worship – We are so thankful for the many gifted people that help us with our worship experiences at Crosspath. Our Friday night Tenebrae Service was again a unique and special encounter with Christ! Each of us sent the King of Kings to the cross to die for our sins. We would not have been one that followed Him all the way; we would have been in the group crying out, “Crucify Him, crucify Him!” I hope you will keep the personal spike you received as a reminder always of the reason for the cross. He died for the whole world, but He also died personally for just you, so that you might have that necessary encounter with Him that brings eternal life. Next Sunday we will be blessed with another special worship service through words, song, music and video. You don’t want to miss next week. Our worship teams have been practicing long hours to bring God glory. Invite your friends and neighbors to join you in worship next Sunday at Crosspath.

Great Block Party – Last Sunday evening we had a great block party at the Pioneer Park across the street. We met and invited numbers of people to visit with us, fed over 200 hotdogs, and had a great time spending time with the people of East Ridge. We had a great turnout and I am once again humbled by the loving servant spirit seen in the Crosspath family. God is truly working in this great church. Thank you for your faithfulness and sacrifice; it will not go unrewarded!