Monday, September 22, 2014



OLP off to a good startWe have 20 OLP teams and still have not received team lists from several classes. What that means is that we are going to have over 25 OLP teams that represent a system of outreach for our church. I want to thank you for your response and encourage the classes that have not turned in their team lists to respond as soon as possible. Michelle Lowe is working on a bulletin board in the hall to help remind us of our assigned day, but also to remind us that outreach is a “church-wide” work. We are taking ownership of our future, our growth and God will certainly bless our efforts. Today’s OLP Team will need to meet with a staff person in the office after the service to receive assignments.

   As a part of OLP we are restarting distribution of our invitation cards to be passed out anywhere and everywhere you go on a daily basis. We will also count the number of invitations offered by a class and post them on our OLP Invitation graph on the screen at the beginning of worship each Sunday. What that means basically is that we will post:

  Staff Invitations ________     Winsome Class ________ 

and at the end of each month we will recognize the class with the greatest number of invitations per capita. Invitation cards are in your small group class (Sunday School class) along with the OLP Invitation Report to be turned in with your Sunday School record. The invitation challenge will begin October 5. Begin to discuss the need to invite others and the proven fact that the number one way to get people to come to church is to invite them.

  Elder Leadership We have five great Elders that have a passion for Christ and a passion to lead this church spiritually. What that means is that they are spiritually focused, in love with Crosspath, and objective in their approach to all things. They truly want what is best for this church today and tomorrow. One thing they want you to know is that each of them is available to discuss anything with you. If you have ideas, suggestions, input on anything, you are encouraged to talk to one of the Elders. Our Elders are Lee Robbs, Don Kelley, Jerry Burgess, Mack Cochran and Don Sells. In the next few weeks you will be given the opportunity to nominate one elder to replace one of our elders that    given a one year term to help us get the process of rotation underway. An Elder serves four years and rotates off. To get the ball rolling our present Elders took 1,2,3 and 4 year terms. We are truly blessed to have committed leaders leading our church forward.

 Third and Fourth Sunday evenings Today our church-wide project will be working at the ER football field. We have carpet to pull up, floors to paint, and weeds to cut. There will be a meeting after the service to pull everything together. Join us at 4pm as we continue to make a mark in our community. If you are a guest we invite you to join us in this special project to minister to our community. Next Sunday Evening at 5pm, we will have the great experience of hearing Jericho Brass. Make sure you invite your friends and neighbors to join us for this special community concert. You don’t want to miss them; they are very good and will play an assortment of tunes that you will enjoy.

 Tithes and Offerings We are beginning to see a little improvement in our budget giving but we are still short of our budget. A budget is a guide, at times a projection, of what we need to do and hope to do. I know I have said it before but all of us need to be reminded that our ability to minister and progress is made possible by individual gifts and sacrifices. Thanks for your commitment. God is really doing some great things at Crosspath. More to come!