Wednesday, October 01, 2014



OLP – (A Must Read) Outreach Life Project is a part of our Life Projects commitment as a church to infuse spiritual life into our church and East Ridge. We have committed to ministry in Life Projects, ministering to our city through Christ-like service acts, and OLP is a commitment to spiritual and numerical growth. OLP has four major facets:

  OLP Teams OLP Teams from Small Groups are made up of    3-5 members that will meet in the Connection Point each Sunday after the service to receive names of guests. Then the teams will go out and contact the guests personally, not a lengthy visit, just stand at the door and let our guests know how important they are, and give them some information on Crosspath. After the contacts are made, the team members will return the guest information form to the church. The OLP teams are already at work. Children’s Staff leadership and Youth Staff leadership will be responsible for active visitation of guests and children that visit with us at Crosspath.

OLP Invitational Challenge Beginning Sunday, October 5, the Staff is challenging all Small Groups (Sunday School Classes) and Departments (Children and Youth) to an invitational challenge. What that means is that each week for nine months the class, group or department that has invited the greatest number of people the preceding week will be recognized in the worship service. Invitation cards will be in abundance in your classes, or you can just extend a greeting, build a relationship, and offer a cordial invitation without a card. At the end of every six weeks for nine months the class or group with the greatest number of invitations will receive an OLP Invitational Trophy to display in their class. And then someone will work to take it away from you.

  OLP Prayer TeamThe most important part of OLP is the OLP Prayer Team. The prayer team is led by Charlotte Andrews and is made up of people from classes and groups that are not involved in the OLP Outreach Teams. Sign-up sheets are in the classes for your signature. We hope to have at least 20 on the prayer team but if there is more we will have two teams. Each week for nine months, Monday through Friday, the prayer team leader will call the first person listed on the prayer team list and pray with them specifically about numerical and spiritual growth of Crosspath, and the spiritual welfare of East Ridge. The last person on the list will call the prayer leader completing the chain. The prayers are not prayed on one day, but during the week between Monday and Saturday. The prayer teams are for those that cannot actively participate in outreach, but are committed to praying specifically for the OLP Emphasis.

 OLP Strategy Map The OLP Strategy Map is a map of East Ridge and adjacent areas. The map has arrows around it portraying the continuous prayers offered by the OLP Prayer Teams and red pins pointing out where our members live in East Ridge, and also symbolizing Prayer Points. A red pin indicates where our members live, but it most importantly represents a prayer point, a place where prayer is offered daily for the areas surrounding the Prayer Point (red pin). The red pin also portrays a strategic outreach point for a Small Group to canvass as a 1st Sunday evening project and offer invitations to Crosspath. Example: Mac and Betty Pendley will have a red pin on the map. They will pray for the community that surrounds their house, for their neighbors, for the streets around their home, and then Mac’s or Betty’s Small Group for a  1st Sunday Small Group Project will visit their neighbors and invite them to Crosspath. These invitations will count towards our OLP Invitational Challenge.    OLP is a system by which we can take ownership of our future, a system that God will bless greatly because of our commitment to Him and His cause.