Friday, October 31, 2014



 A Map of Our World – The most important part of our OLP Emphasis can be seen on the map on the wall outside the office. It is a map of East Ridge and some of the surrounding area. The map is designed in the form of a globe, a world in itself if you will, to visibly clarify the beginning place for us in our pursuit of the purpose of God. Can you imagine how inauthentic it is to pray for the people in Africa to be saved and neglect East Ridge? It would border on hypocrisy to make every effort to demonstrate compassion for the lost people in China and not make an effort to love those that are our neighbors first. The point of the map is that we can’t win the whole world, can’t win the continent of Africa, but we can make giant steps towards winning the city of East Ridge to the Lord. God’s call to us is to reach the world but He placed us in a world that has thousands of unsaved and thousands of unchurched people. Our Jerusalem is here, now, East Ridge and then we can go to Samaria and Judea and the uttermost parts of the world. The map depicts the most powerful part of our OLP, our OLP Prayer Team that prays daily for the city of East Ridge and the surrounding areas, as well as for our OLP Emphasis. On the map we find another important aspect of our OLP Emphasis. We see pins representing where people live in our world, people that will pray constantly for their streets, for their neighbors, and then they will invite their small groups, Sunday School classes to canvass and invite those around their homes. On the 1st Sunday evening in the month small groups and classes can make that their project for the month, an evangelism project, to canvass areas around your small group members. The map also represents a major part of our OLP Invitational Challenge, our primary area in which we offer invitations, face to face invitations, to people to be our guests in our small group or in worship. We have a light on the map to highlight our calling, our opportunity, and our challenge. If you did not see it take the time to look. The map by itself is a sermon to all of us.

I realize how powerless I am but I am God’s spiritual leader for the church, and my job is to lead, to influence others towards a closer walk with the Lord. This evening we are having our 4th Sunday evening worship event. Tonight our music worship will be led by David Inestroza. David is from Honduras, son of missionaries, but is a graduate and master’s student at Tennessee Temple University and Seminary. He has a degree in music performance, with an emphasis in voice, guitar and piano. Tonight’s service is a service focused on spiritual renewal. I will preach a short message following the music.

The service will begin at 5:00 and there is plenty of daylight, so take a step, make the sacrifice, even if you have never been on Sunday evening to share in this worship experience. The choir will meet with David at 4:30 in the choir suite, and the praise and worship band will meet at 3:45. It is kind of like a one service revival event. It requires effort for our Praise Team and our choir so please come and support them and meet David. He is a fine young man with a great heart for the Lord and His church. Each 4th Sunday evening we are having a  music or worship event, just one a month, so I look forward to seeing you here.

Vote yes on amendment one – On November 4th Tennessee residents have an opportunity to add some common sense to an already existing law. Abortion is going to continue in the state because of Roe vs Wade but Amendment One will add some common sense wording to the law. It will add an informed consent requirement, inspection of abortion clinics, and restriction to people coming from other states into Tennessee for abortions. Your vote will save many lives in the future. It is not political; it is moral, it is about the value of human life. Will you help?